Library Card Sign-up Month

Library Card Sign up Month is upon us.  This means promoting your library’s resources to expand your library community.  Broad marketing campaigns help with brand recognition but they [...]

Product Updates & Tech Corner

Tech Corner If you are a using an EZ Proxy please ensure your stanza is configured correctly for ReferenceUSA.  Follow OCLC’s outline on their website. Please notify us of any URL updates and [...]

Data Corner

Database Rebuild: September 7th 156MM Total Households 271MM Total Individuals 2,102,756 New Movers added 637,148 New Homeowners added

ReferenceUSA in the News

Library to host Reference USA workshop ADAMS PUBLIC LIBRARY: Reference USA Training Session MASTERING DATABASES St. Tammany Around the Neighborhoods for August 17, 2016 Sargent Memorial Library [...]