What is a tag?

Tagging is a way to add one or more unique labels to each prospect record. You can create up to 100 unique tags to help identify common traits among your prospects. For example, tagging can be [...]

What is the right-panel quick view?

We’ve replaced the magnifying glass icon and reinvented the quick view popup by moving it to a right-side panel. Now you can select a prospect record and instantly view additional summary [...]

What is lead status?

Lead status gives you a new way to quickly qualify a record when working through your prospects. To update a record’s lead status, simply add one of five available icons: Hot, Warm, Cold, [...]

What is ReferenceUSA Lead Manager?

ReferenceUSA Lead Manager launched on March 4, 2014. Based on customer feedback that will improve the management of leads, it’s designed to provide a more efficient way to track and measure your [...]