We’re Growing Alongside Our Communities

ReferenceUSA President Steve Laird is thankful that libraries can continue to grow in a world driven by technologically advanced demands.

While growing card holders and getting more people in the door remains a top priority, Laird said libraries also have allocated sources to ensure patrons have the best resources available.

“We should be thankful libraries have expanded their offering to more visitors and users,” said Laird, citing e-resources for education and employment opportunities. “Those are great things that a library patron should be thankful for. It’s part of becoming a viable community center.”

Laird added some patrons use ReferenceUSA outside of the library, too. He said some users have remote access to the tool and use it to verify the address of people and businesses for a “quick and easy” way to send out holiday cards.

But for others, November is the time to finalize business plans for the next fiscal year. Laird added many of those people visit their local libraries to use ReferenceUSA for business and consumer data—allowing them to grow sales, increase client base, and look up the competition.

“These are products that business owners would have to spend a lot of money on if they didn’t go to the library,” he said. “ReferenceUSA provides thousands of dollars of value to each user.”

To round out the holiday this month, Laird said it’s time to kick back and relax. He plans to fry up a turkey and watch football with his family. He also said he’s grateful our libraries continue to offer ReferenceUSA as a tool for our growing communities.

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