This is How We Help Nonprofits Find New Donors

The Salt Lake County Library in Utah is showing nonprofits that ReferenceUSA can be used to find new donors in their area by geography, ZIP Code, and more.

Xiaolian Deng, senior librarian of reference and technology, showed Lynnette Owens how to find a list of charitable donors based on proximity and ZIP Code with the U.S. Consumers Lifestyles Database. Owens is the owner and operator of the Utah-based Lyrical Opera Theater.

“She was thrilled and amazed what this robust database could do for her,” Deng said. “ReferenceUSA has helped our library system build strong relationships with our business communities.”

Owens said ReferenceUSA, which is free to patrons who have signed up for a library card, can be a useful resource for some nonprofits to conduct cold calling and other data-driven work.

“The information Xiaolian gave me was fantastic,” Owens said. “I think it’s very useful information.”

Deng introduced Owens to ReferenceUSA during a regular business workshop. This is something she does regularly for business owners and other community members who need information.

“Every time we have a new session, we always introduce them to ReferenceUSA,” Deng said. “Once we show them ReferenceUSA, they’re amazed.”

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