We Make a Difference in Small-Town Libraries

In the small New York town of Armonk, librarian Mary Johnson is making a difference in her community with ReferenceUSA. The town has an estimated population of about 4,300 people.

Johnson, who works at North Castle Public Library, used ReferenceUSA to compile a complete list of employers as part of a series of research projects for the town.

“We’ve been able to list the top 25 employers in our geographical area for current years and 10 years previous,” Johnson said. “It’s great to be able to focus on a particular geographic location and/or type of business. The database is quite complete and easy to use.”

This is made possible by our U.S. business and new business databases, which provide librarians and patrons with vital research and planning information. Additionally, our U.S. Historical Businesses Database features easy searches, exportable charts and graphs, and industry trends.

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