Accessing/ Logging in
  1. Subscriptions
    If your public library, academic institution or government agency does not subscribe to Data Axle Reference Solutions you will not be able to access this resource. Ask your library, school or agency if they subscribe or contact us. If you are a public library, academic institution or government agency looking to inquire about subscriptions please contact us.
  1. Internal Access
    If you are accessing Reference Solutions from inside a subscribing institution but are unable to log in this might be a technical problem. The technical administrator at your organization should be able to verify this or contact us.
  1. Remote Access
    If you are accessing Reference Solutions remotely, outside of the subscribing institution, you need to start at the website of the library or institution in question. Find the link for Reference Solutions on their website. Once you click the link you will be prompted to enter your library card number and accept the terms and conditions. You will then have access to Reference Solutions. If you have done this and still cannot access Reference Solutions please contact us.
  1. System Requirements
    If you followed the instructions above and were unable to access Reference Solutions ensure you are you using the minimum system requirements and appropriate settings for Reference Solutions? For minimum requirement click here.
  1. Library card/ Credential
    If you do not have a valid library card or credentials from your subscribing institution you will need to contact the organization and obtain this before being able to access our service. Reference Solutions does not manage library cards or login credentials.
  1. Not Prompted for library card
    If you clicked the link to Reference Solutions and were not prompted for your library card number, or not taken to Reference Solutions databases please contact your library or contact us as this may be a technical problem.
  1. Error Messages
    If you receive an error message when trying to access Reference Solutions please clear your cookies and cache by deleting your browsing history. Then try to access Reference Solutions again from the beginning. If this does not solve the problem please contact us.
  1. Personalized Accounts
    To log into your personalized account you must first access Reference Solutions through your local library. You can then log into your personalized accounts, which will allow you to save your searches.
System Requirements

Operating System:  Microsoft Windows 7 or later
Apple iOS 7 or later


Internet Explorer 11 or later
Firefox (latest version)
Chrome (latest version)
Safari (latest version)

We recommend using the most recent version of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, or Apple Safari.  Users who are not using one of the minimum browser(s) listed above may find that some or all of the pages within Reference Solutions will not display properly


The main objective of Firewall and/or Internet Security Software is to establish rules and measures to protect against attacks over the Internet. Subsequently, remote (home) users are using a variety of personal firewalls and/or software packages to counter this threat (i.e., LynkSys Firewall, Norton Internet Security Software, etc.).

Any Reference Solutions access issue can be easily overcome by reconfiguring the device or software. Although Reference Solutions and its staff are not qualified to troubleshoot and support remote (home) users’ personal firewalls and/or security software, most vendors of these devices/software packages offer technical support for customers.

If you are connected to the Internet via a cable modem with a personal firewall and/or Internet security software and are receiving the username/password challenge page from Reference Solutions, reconfiguring device/software can possibly fix this issue. Please refer to the device/software users’ manual and/or the vendor for additional technical assistance.


1. IP (Internet Protocol) Authentication

  1. For this method, subscribing customers would need to provide us with a valid IP range of workstations, servers and/or firewalls from which Reference Solutions will be accessed over the Internet. Once this is accomplished, those users will be able to access Reference Solutions directly without impediment.

2. Secured and Unsecured Referring URL (Uniform Resource Locator)

  1. For this method, subscribing customers would create a link to Reference Solutions from either a secured or unsecured page within their website.
  1. If the page is secured, the subscribing customer has verified the integrity and credentials of remote users via an authentication/validation process. Those users will be allowed direct access to the product when forwarded from the subscribing customers’s secured link (or referring URL).
  2. If the page is unsecured, Reference Solutions can present a challenge page prompting users for specific log on credentials (i.e., barcode, or username and password). Once the remote user enters the correct log on information, direct access to the product is granted.

3. Persistent Cookie Authentication

  1. For this method, users will need to log into a designated cookie installation page with a specific cookie installation username/password combination. After the initial logon has been completed, a persistent cookie is deposited onto the workstation(s) accessing Reference Solutions. Every time the workstation(s) access Reference Solutions following the successful installation of the cookie, the workstation(s) will be able to access without seeing a challenge page, as if they were IP authenticated. Once the cookie is installed, it should not need to be reinstalled unless the cookie is deleted. It is equally important to remember to enable persistent cookies in the browser configuration settings prior to installation.
Error Messages
  1. Unable to Authenticate URL
    Clear cookies and cache by deleting your browsing history.
  2. Unable to provide access at this time
    Clear cookies and cache by deleting your browsing history.
  3. Google API error message
    Please contact us.
  4. You have reached your download limit
    You may continue printing or downloading records but the system is set to only allow a certain number of records per download. The number is displayed at the bottom of the results page in red text. Once you download the allotted number of records you need to uncheck those records before downloading the next set of records. Repeat this process of checking the allowed number of records, downloading/printing those records and then unchecking those pages before moving on with more downloading/printing.
  5. Your account is associated with another library
    Please contact us.
EZ Proxy

According to EZ Proxy’s website

Reference Solutions requires the following database definition in config.txt:

Option X-Forwarded-For
Option DomainCookieOnly
Title ReferenceUSA
URL http://www.referenceusa.com
HJ www.referenceusa.com
HJ https://www.referenceusa.com
HJ referenceusa.com
DJ referenceusa.com
Option Cookie
Option NoX-Forwarded-For

To learn more or subscribe today, contact us or call 800.808.1113.